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Payroll Administration Services Oregon
Payroll Administration

The main function of All PEO is Payroll Administration. By working with us you can cut payroll costs, decrease liabilities and access to many of our other services.

Workers' Compensation Services Oregon
Workers’ Compensation

American Admin furnishes and manages workers’ compensation benefits which allows smaller businesses to take advantage of certain economies of scale.

Tax Compliance Services Oregon
Tax Compliances

American Admin can help you save time and money by managing your tax compliance processes that you have to do correctly, and every year.

Human Resource Services Oregon
Human Resources

American Admin acts as an off-site human resources department offering consultation in a number of areas from hiring and firing practices.

Employee Leasing Services Oregon
Employee Leasing

Employee leasing is exactly as it sounds, American Admin as a PEO assumes responsibility and liability for the employees.

PEO Services Portland Oregon
PEO Expertise

We have plenty of PEO Expertise with over 15 years of experience working as a Professional Employer Organization.

Employee Benefits Oregon
Employee Benefits

By outsourcing employee benefits administration, we can research the most cost-effective, medical and dental plans.

Professional Employer Services Help
We Can Help You!

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American Admin is a Professional Employer Organization who services over 100 businesses.